Saturday Soothie

We are so excited to be partnering with Katie’s Jar, Riverwalk Yoga and Revolucion Coffee + Juice for this awesome event! We hope you and your pup are able to join us! 

No Stress November

We know November can be a bit of a stressful month, with family dinners to prepare for, members of the family to mentally prepare for and plus the holidays are right around the corner. This is why we are asking you to say, NO to stress this Thanksgiving!

Stress is something that everyone deals with on a daily basis and how we handle it can affect you both physically and mentally. It can raise your blood pressure, contributes to tight and tense muscles, cause anxiety and more. We can’t prevent stress because it’s a natural, physical response, but you can try and manage it.

Mindful Meditation

The idea of meditation is to help train your mind to take a break. Allowing you to gradually become clearer, more peaceful and less stressed.

This only takes about 5 - 10 minutes folks!

  1. Find a comfortable spot to sit or lay down
  2. Focus all your attention on breathing in and out of the nose
  3. Find a mantra to say aloud or in your head. I like to use ‘Let’ as I breathe in and 'Go’ as I breathe out. Feel free to borrow mine or create something meaningful to you.
  4. Utilize this mantra to keep your mind from wandering to those pesky stressful thoughts like how many types of mashed potatoes am I gonna have to make or I wonder if cousin Merriam is gonna try and walk off with the good silver this year.

We hope you are able to utilize this quick tip and find yourself more prepared this holiday season.


Nichole Velez, LMT 117361

Massage Móvil Founder

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